3. Ucz się Angielskiego z Amelką007:)

As a Last Resort

If someone does something as “a last resort” it means they did it AFTER they considered all other options first. This action was their last and least favourite option to choose.

Many countries say they hate war, but they will do it only as a last resort.

That means the countries hope to find a solution without war (a peaceful solution), but if they still can’t agree on a peaceful solution, they will go to war as a last resort.

Another example is this: Imagine a married couple who is going through some difficult times in their marriage. They don’t really love each other any more, but they have kids together and don’t want a divorce.

They might try many things to see if they can work things out and fall in love again, but if all of their efforts still fail, they may choose to get divorced as a last resort.

Roll the Dice

If you “roll the dice“, it means to “take a chance or a risk”. It’s quite common in everyday slang.

Some examples could be:

“I like to roll the dice and invest a lot of my money in the stock market”.

“I’m not sure if I’ll make money in my new business but I’m just going to roll the dice and hope for the best”.

Ideas from: http://www.speak-fluent-english.com/


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