7.Ucz się Angielskiego z Amelką007:)

If someone asks you “what is the point” of doing something, it means, “What is the reason for doing it?” Or, “What is the purpose for doing that?”

If someone says there is “no point” in doing something, it means there is no good reason to do it, and it is in fact a terrible idea.

Here are some great examples:

What’s the point of telling your boss you think he is not smart? You know he’s going to get angry and possibly fire you.

What’s the point of taking a flight to that city? The plane tickets are expensive and it’s only a 2 hour drive from here to there. Let’s just drive. It won’t take much more time anyway.

There is no point in calling her now. She’s obviously very angry with you and doesn’t want to talk. Wait until she calms down and then call her.

Ideas form: http://www.speak-fluent-english.com/


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