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If someone asks you “what is the point” of doing something, it means, “What is the reason for doing it?” Or, “What is the purpose for doing that?”

If someone says there is “no point” in doing something, it means there is no good reason to do it, and it is in fact a terrible idea.

Here are some great examples:

What’s the point of telling your boss you think he is not smart? You know he’s going to get angry and possibly fire you.

What’s the point of taking a flight to that city? The plane tickets are expensive and it’s only a 2 hour drive from here to there. Let’s just drive. It won’t take much more time anyway.

There is no point in calling her now. She’s obviously very angry with you and doesn’t want to talk. Wait until she calms down and then call her.

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Slave Driver

If someone is a “slave driver” it means that they make other people work incredibly hard. No one likes a slave driver. They are so difficult to work for and they don’t make your life happy. Many successful business people are slave drivers, but that doesn’t mean they are nice people. It just means they know how to make their staff work super hard.

A real “slave” is someone who has been taken away from their family and forced to work for zero or very low wages. Now a “slave driver” isn’t as serious as the original meaning, it just means a boss who makes their staff work too hard for too little pay.

Example: I quit my job because my boss was too much of a slave driver.

Ideas form: http://www.speak-fluent-english.com/

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Dirt Cheap

If something is “cheap” it is “not expensive” or “something that doesn’t cost much money”.

“Dirt Cheap” is Super cheap compared with other similar things. It means incredibly cheap, at least relatively speaking.

I could say, “The food in Thailand tastes amazing, is very healthy, and is dirt cheap“.

I could also use it in a way to make a comparison. ”Computers are dirt cheap now compared with 10 years ago”.

A Class Act

A “class act” is a very good and quite a high level slang term to be able to use.

If someone is a “class act” it means they are very “classy”. It’s actually a very positive term if someone is a real class act. They are a great, wonderful, and classy person etc…

BUT… Here is how the phrase is ALMOST ALWAYS used. It’s almost always a sarcastic one. That means, people almost always use this phrase to describe someone who is NOT a class act. They are instead the opposite of a class act.

So imagine someone who is loud, rude, and stupid. Maybe they are overconfident at the same time. That would be a terrible combination of character traits for someone to have, but I’m sure we all know people like this.

This loud, rude, and annoying person could be referred to as a “real class act“. In this case, it means the person is TERRIBLE.

So, when someone says, “Wow, that guy is a real class act” they mean, that guy has a bunch of terrible characteristics.

It’s important to pay attention to when this term “class act” is used. If the person is really great, then it’s a positive meaning. Just remember that most of the time it’s used in a joking way to refer to someone with those negative qualities.

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If someone’s a Black Sheep, it means they are (Different from the rest of the people in a group or different from the rest of their family)

Think about is. Most sheep are white. Imagine two sheep had a lot of baby sheep. Now imagine all of the baby sheep are white, except you have one black baby sheep. That baby is very different from the others.

When we say that someone is a black sheep, we are saying that this person is very different from the rest of the family or group. The black sheep makes their own decisions and lives a totally different lifestyle than the rest of the family.

So a black sheep is different, special (could be a “good special” or a “bad special”), and unique.

Ideas from: http://www.speak-fluent-english.com/

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As a Last Resort

If someone does something as “a last resort” it means they did it AFTER they considered all other options first. This action was their last and least favourite option to choose.

Many countries say they hate war, but they will do it only as a last resort.

That means the countries hope to find a solution without war (a peaceful solution), but if they still can’t agree on a peaceful solution, they will go to war as a last resort.

Another example is this: Imagine a married couple who is going through some difficult times in their marriage. They don’t really love each other any more, but they have kids together and don’t want a divorce.

They might try many things to see if they can work things out and fall in love again, but if all of their efforts still fail, they may choose to get divorced as a last resort.

Roll the Dice

If you “roll the dice“, it means to “take a chance or a risk”. It’s quite common in everyday slang.

Some examples could be:

“I like to roll the dice and invest a lot of my money in the stock market”.

“I’m not sure if I’ll make money in my new business but I’m just going to roll the dice and hope for the best”.

Ideas from: http://www.speak-fluent-english.com/

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Put Someone Down

If you “put someone down” it means that you say something mean or unkind to them for the purpose of hurting them. The phrase to “put someone down” is usually used when someone is intentionally trying to hurt another person’s feelings. So, putting someone down is NEVER nice.
Another example: “I don’t understand why Tusk is so mean to people. I think he only feels good when he puts other people down“


It’s when your head hurts. You already know how to say, “I have a headache“. That is the most common one.

BUT… You can also describe annoying things or people as “headaches“.

For example, you could say, “Watching TVN24 is such a headache.”

Or… “She’s so annoying. Talking to her is such a headache.”

Ideas from: http://www.speak-fluent-english.com/

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If someone says, “I don’t give a damn” about something, it means, “I don’t care” about something. They are saying it’s not important and it’s not interesting in their opinion. It also means something like, “That doesn’t matter to me at all”.

Deep Pockets
This term is usually used when someone is trying to describe a person or a company who has the ability to invest a lot of money.

“Rich” is used when someone has a lot of money to spend. “Deep pockets” is used when someone has a lot of money to invest to make their business grow bigger.

ideas from: http://www.speak-fluent-english.com/